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Chief Executive Officer, James Allen


James began his ten (10) year career in the security industry specializing in loss prevention for a few of the most powerful luxury brands in the world: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hugo Boss. 


James later solidified his security experience by protecting some of NYC’s popular nightclubs and its patrons which include Silhouette, Empire, and Avenue to name a few.  James’ performance as a security officer in these venues allowed him to expand his expertise by providing security services on the sets of VH1’s top reality shows, Love and Hip Hop, Black Ink Crew and The Breaks.  He also protected the sets and talent on truTV’s Emmy award nominee hit series Billy on the Street and cable TV’s top cooking sensation, Bobby Flay.


Concurrently, James provided executive protection for prominent celebrities...  


James’ experience in the security industry makes him proficient in communicating (and enforcing) the needs of his clients as well as diffusing negative situations.

Chief, Operating Officer, DeLeon J. Barney


DeLeon, a U. S. Army veteran, has over a decade in the security industry.  His specialty lies in retail safety, executive protection for special events, crowd control, and loss prevention. 


DeLeon maintained an illustrious career in the retail security industry.  Not only was he ranked amongst the top 5 arresting detectives in the NY region, he also ranked as the leading security officer in total arrests in one (1) year.  


As a licensed NYC fire guard, DeLeon secured buildings for one of the top real estate development firms in Brooklyn, NY.  He is familiar with New York Fire Department (NYFD) building regulations and safety codes  He’s trained new security hires on policy, procedure and public safety.

Vice President, Joseph (Joe) Cooper


With over 20 sound years in the security profession, Joe has a solid track record of executive protection and security-related successes.  As senior vice president at First Priority Security, LLC, Joe brings tremendous leadership and operational excellence to the company.  He has effectively handled large-scale security operations in a variety of settings and is skilled in analyzing existing security systems and implementing effective solutions. Joe has demonstrated strength in management, training, development and client relations.


Joe is adept at ensuring the safety of VIP’s and celebrities.   He has provided executive protection for the talent and production teams on major television shows including Chopped, Bobby Flay, Joking Off and Ice Loves Coco to name a few.  In addition, Joe has a solid reputation in safeguarding clients at major NYC nightclubs.  Lavo, Avenue, Tao, and Marquee are just a few of the NYC hot spots on Joe’s roster.


Joe is an avid diver, nature and fitness buff and serves as a research diver at the New York City Aquarium.  He also earned a degree in criminal justice.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Hooper


Aaron is a highly skilled and trained security professional with over 20 solid years in the security industry.  Aaron began his career as a security officer at the Empire State Building, where his keen instincts, alertness, attention to detail, and quick thinking for apprehending a notorious robber were rewarded with a commendation. 


As a former NYPD Gang Unit School Safety Officer in the NYC high school system, Aaron successfully assisted numerous kids with transitioning from gang life.   He played a key role in the post 911 safety mission by guarding, evaluating, and securing bridges and synagogues.


Aaron later obtained a position in the private sector of the security industry to focus on executive protection. His high level of experience includes performing piracy prevention at Lions Gate Entertainment and securing the safety of A-List celebrities. As a result of his reputation as a trustworthy and astute security professional, VIP’s continue to rely on Aaron for his security expertise.


In addition, Aaron has provided security services for the hosts and talent on numerous television sets including the Tyra Banks Show, Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N’ Out, Judge Hatchett, Joking Off, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, and most notably, the Bill Cunningham Show.  And, because of his reputation as a highly regarded security professional, Aaron continues to expand his client base by providing security services at NYC’s top nightclubs such as Level V, Buddha Bar, Ten June, and Gaslight.   1Oak and Avenue, where he served as Director of Security for four (4) years.


Aaron has a degree in Computer Information Systems and is certified in Bio and Counter-Terrorism,  Fema certified in Active Shooter, Mass casualty, emergency planning, and workplace security. 

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